About Us

Novel Solutions For Neuro-Immuno Reactive Diseases

We are a privately held biotechnology company that is advancing first-in-class G Protein-Coupled Receptor (GPCR)-targeted drugs to address serious, unserved medical needs across a broad range of therapeutic indications. We are focused on unleashing the therapeutic potential of specific orphan GPCRs, including the novel family of Mas-Related G-Protein Receptors (Mrgprs), and will initially pursue medicines for neuro-immuno-inflammatory and autoreactive diseases.

Based in San Diego, we are led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs with deep roots in this region’s life sciences ecosystem and specific expertise in GPCR drug discovery and development. Escient Pharmaceuticals is supported by top-tier life-sciences investors with a proven track record for identifying and supporting successful, next-generation medicines companies.


Escient strives to discover and develop life-changing medicines for patients, bring value to the healthcare ecosystem, and foster a culture of purpose to its employees. At Escient we believe that when these values are aligned, a company can unleash its greatest creativity and execute on ambitious goals. To this end, we hire talented, creative, fearless yet grounded entrepreneurial-minded people. With great science, a culture of execution and intellectual ferment, and passion to make a positive difference in the lives of patients, Escient is poised to deliver.

Orphan GPCRs, including the family of Mrgprs, provide great opportunities for drug discovery and development to solve for currently intractable medical conditions. At Escient we strive to become a best-in-class GPCR therapeutics company addressing the medical needs for both underserved segments of large population clinical conditions and orphan indications.