Pioneering the Discovery and Development of Differentiated, First-In-Class Therapeutics for Neurosensory-Inflammatory Diseases

We are a privately held, clinical stage biotechnology company advancing novel, differentiated therapeutics for the potential treatment of a broad range of neurosensory-inflammatory disorders. Neural activation of the immune system plays an important role in numerous clinical conditions, and recent scientific advances have provided new avenues for therapeutic intervention.

Based in San Diego, CA, we are led by an experienced team of drug developers and entrepreneurs with specific expertise in GPCR drug discovery and development and a successful track record of bringing first-in-class therapeutics to market. We strive to fully maximize our expertise and capabilities to discover and develop life-changing medicines for patients and bring value to the healthcare ecosystem.

Our Initial Focus: Harnessing the Broad Therapeutic Potential of MRGPRS

First described over 20 years ago, Mas-related G protein-coupled receptors (MRGPRs) have emerged as key receptors in the field of neuro-immunology and as promising therapeutic targets for a growing number of chronic diseases. Since our inception, we have built a unique set of pharmaceutical R&D capabilities that we apply to translate scientific advances in MRGPR biology into a pipeline of differentiated therapeutics.

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