Jodi Parsons, PhD

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Jodi Parsons joined Escient Pharmaceuticals as Vice President of Regulatory Affairs in October 2023, bringing over 25 years’ experience in global pharmaceutical development of drugs and biologics. Formerly Vice President Regulatory Affairs at Longboard Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Parsons established the regulatory function and implemented regulatory strategies for global development of therapeutics targeting rare neurological disorders. As Senior Director at Xencor, she led regulatory initiatives for the dual checkpoint inhibitor immuno-oncology program. Dr. Parsons’ tenure at Dart NeuroScience involved building and leading the Regulatory Affairs and Document Management teams responsible for lifecycle management and regulatory strategic development of CNS therapeutics. As Senior Director at Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Parsons navigated the regulatory landscape of early stage 505(b)(2) products directed toward neurological and psychiatric disorders and served as primary regulatory liaison during registration of Silenor® for insomnia. At Elan Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Parsons was regulatory project lead supporting global development of natalizumab in rheumatoid arthritis and UC and registration of Tysabri® for MS and Crohn’s disease. Her earlier experience at Ionis Pharmaceuticals included development of novel oligonucleotide therapeutics for various inflammatory and autoimmune diseases and playing an integral role in the successful preapproval inspection leading to registration of Vitravene® for CMV retinitis. Dr. Parsons earned her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Miami and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Emory University.